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We are the premier North American in-play odds provider with products robust enough to meet your customer's demands. Our proprietary methods deliver the most accurate prices, faster than the rest of the market. End your reliance on fragile third party odds feeds and make real-in play a real cornerstone of your business.

5 Sports Leagues Covered
70+ Combined Years of Gaming Experience
2000+ Real In-Play lines Generated Per Week
454,456+ Lines of Code Written

DeckPrism Sports
Modeling Options

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In-Play Half-Time

DeckPrism Sports
Model Features


Eliminate frustrating delays and bet rejections which destroy customer experience.


Our lines go up the very moment a game goes to break which means you'll write more action.

Sharp Pricing

Rock-solid point spreads, moneylines and totals give you the confidence to offer larger limits.

DeckPrism Integration

If you'd like more information about integrating our in-play product into your platform using our API or high speed message broker system, please contact us.

DeckPrism Sports
Real In-Play

What Am I Looking At?

Taken together, the following provides a snapshot of the game state and our accompanying projections.

Score: Points scored for each team.

Time: Time left for the quarter/half indicated.

Situation: Down and distance and field position; ie, 2nd down and 6 on opponents 25 yd line.

Ball: Denotes which team currently possesses the ball.

Moneyline: Implied probability of each team to win the game outright given the game state.

Spreads: Probability associated with each team to cover the point spread; ie, -1.5 55% implies the team will win by 2 or more 55% of the time.

Totals: Probability associated with total points scored by both teams to go over a number; ie 37.5 o53.5% means the combined total points will go over 37.5 points 53.5% of the time.

Why don't I see halftime lines displayed?

DeckPrism Sports has decided to do away with second half legacy lines.  Instead, we are treating every halftime as it should be treated: as a long timeout or stoppage in play.  To derive the halftime line simply use the score and in-play line.  For ex, if Team A is trailing by 6 points at halftime and they are +3.5 for the game, the halftime line is Team A -2.5.  If the in-play total for the game is 61 and the combined score at halftime for both teams is 34, the second half total is 27.  

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